Celebrate Halloween Safely

The police have published a leaflet providing tips for a happy and safe Halloween:

  • Young people should never go trick or treating alone, adults should always accompany them.
  • Children should only visit the homes of people they know, don’t knock on strangers’ doors and never enter a stranger’s house.
  • For older children, set a time for them to trick or treat and plan a route so you know where they’ll be.
  • Keep to well-lit areas and never take short cuts through alleyways or out of the way places. Remember road safety, wear bright or reflective clothing and carry a torch.
  • Unless pre-arranged, children shouldn’t visit elderly and vulnerable members of the community as it may frighten them. If they see a ‘no trick or treat’ sign tell them to respect it and move on.
  • Don’t throw flour and eggs – it can cause damage and misery. Keep tricks within the law – anything that results in damage is an offence and will be dealt with as such.