Big Norbury Clean Up: Saturday 12 November, 10.30 am – 2.30 pm

For those who are coming to help with Big Norbury Clean Up this Saturday, thank you for caring about Norbury! Here is what you need to know.

Why are we doing this?
We all need to look after our neighbourhood.  It is proven that when an area is clean, people are less likely to drop litter.  By holding a big clean up we will be setting an example to others.  We also aim to educate people – we will be speaking to and handing out information leaflets to residents, visitors and shop owners.  All helpers are most welcome!

What will we be doing?
Concentrating on the London Rd (including side roads depending on the number of helpers we get) we will be picking and sweeping up litter and scraping off stickers from lamp posts etc.

What area will we be covering?
The SERA patch is between Barclays Bank (corner of Norbury Crescent) and the corner of Ederline Ave.  (Ederline Avenue to Strathyre Avenue is being covered by the Norbury Muslim Centre and PHRA).

What do I need to bring?
Just wrap up warm. All equipment such as gloves, brushes, bags, scrapers and sprays will be provided. Hot drinks and cake will be provided to keep us going.

What time?
Registration starts from 10.30am outside the Norbury & Edge, 1300 London Road. We will finish at 2pm – 2.30pm when the Council will be taking all the bags of rubbish away. You can start and finish at any time – we will be easy to spot!

Who is organising it?
It is organised by the Love Norbury team working in partnership with Croydon Council and with help from the Norbury Muslim Centre.

We hope to see you on Saturday!


Norbury Police Update

The Norbury Police team have made a number of arrests this week ranging from burglary to breaching a court order.

Following on from the recent warning by the Norbury Police team about the use of mopeds in robberies, the latest figures show a decrease in this time of incident. Police are continuing to monitor the situation and are conducting regular checks on mopeds and motorcycles through out the Norbury area in an attempt to combat this. Do help them by keeping an eye out and reporting any suspicious behaviour.

You can download the latest crime report here.

Boundary changes – how they will affect Norbury and you

The Boundary Commission is looking into the constituency boundaries with the aim of reducing the totally number of MPs by 50, and also to equalise the size of the constituencies.

The Boundary Commission’s recommendation is that Norbury leaves the current constituency, Croydon North, and becomes part of a new Streatham & Mitcham constituency. 

For local government Norbury would remain in Croydon. 

The new constituency would cover three local authorities, Merton, Lambeth & Croydon. 

There is more information here and you can leave comments.

This consultation also lasts to 5 December 2016.

Update from Norbury Neighbourhood Policing Team

There have recently been a number of robberies across the ward.  Police say that, typically, the favoured method by the offenders is to use a moped to target the individual. They are asking residents to be vigilant in respect of mopeds that are approaching at a lower speed than usual or that you may notice are hanging around an area for a prolonged amount of time.

If you have any suspicions then please call please call ‘101’ providing as much detail as possible as to the moped itself & as to the description(s) of the riders.

In light of the recent robberies, police have been at Norbury station handing out crime prevention advice and advising people to register their electrical items on This gives police a chance of returning items to you should the worst happen.

You can download the crime report for 21-18 October 2016 here.

Veteran Car Run

car-runIt is nearly time for the Veteran Car Run, which takes place on Sunday 6 November 2016.

You can download the spectator route guide here.

As you will see, the cars will be coming through Norbury around 7.25am. 

There will be a few of us along the High Street cheering them on so do come along, its a great atmosphere.

Full details about the event is available here.