Update from Norbury Neighbourhood Policing Team

There have recently been a number of robberies across the ward.  Police say that, typically, the favoured method by the offenders is to use a moped to target the individual. They are asking residents to be vigilant in respect of mopeds that are approaching at a lower speed than usual or that you may notice are hanging around an area for a prolonged amount of time.

If you have any suspicions then please call please call ‘101’ providing as much detail as possible as to the moped itself & as to the description(s) of the riders.

In light of the recent robberies, police have been at Norbury station handing out crime prevention advice and advising people to register their electrical items on www.immobilise.com. This gives police a chance of returning items to you should the worst happen.

You can download the crime report for 21-18 October 2016 here.