Police Update

Police have, again, seen a number of robberies where mopeds have been used to commit these offences. Norbury Police are working on combating this issue and we will keep us updated with progress.

If you are discarding Christmas present boxes and wrappings, please dispose of them wisely. Leaving them by bins on driveways for extended periods of time advertises what items are in your house. Police advise folding down boxes into bin liners or recycling them at bins as necessary to reduce the risk.

Before xmas saw the new borough commander for Croydon tour the ward and spoken to at length about the issues we are facing in Norbury.

The Norbury team are also working on holding a number of meetings for the purposes of crime prevention across the ward, this is in relation to a number of thefts that have occurred in past months where people have been targeted whilst using ATMs at banks.  Dates of these meeting will follow in due course and be open to all, you may also see posters going up at the various bank branches across Norbury reminding users to cover their PIN when using these cash machines and to be wary of who is behind you.

The latest Norbury crime figures for w/c 18 December can be downloaded here.