Norbury Crime Update

There has been a number of theft from motor vehicle and theft of motor vehicles incidents. This is of a concern to the Norbury Police team and they are actively working to lower the number of offences through a number of methods. However, they can not stress enough the importance of target hardening. They are still seeing numerous insecure vehicles across the ward on their patrols, which are a target for criminals. Norbury Police are offering crime prevention advice for vehicles both via visits and via email so if you would like any assistance then please do contact the Norbury Police team at

Police are also holding a number of meetings in relation to the card thefts from ATM’s, the first of two will be held this month with those in the area receiving leaflets soon.

Croydon borough will now be going live with the use of body worn video – officers will be issued body worn cameras soon which will be used to capture incidents and to aid both officers and members of the public.

You can download the latest crime figures for Norbury here.