Norbury Police Update

Update from Norbury Police:

We are still experiencing a number of theft offences around the ward. Please contact a member of the team on for crime prevention advice about how to reduce the risks of you becoming a victim of crime. There are a number of easy to follow practices that will cost you next to nothing and that will go a long way to making your property less of a target.

A large quantity of stolen property is recovered by the police each year that we have no realistic chance of reuniting with their owners – Just think, if your iPad was stolen, how would it be differentiated from the thousands of others sold in the UK each year? Those power tools you rely on to feed your families… if that was stolen, how would anyone know it’s yours?

We are planning a number of property marking events in the coming months, but it is easily something you can do at home as well – something as simple as making a note of serial numbers & IMEI numbers for electrical goods, or marking tools with a permanent marker will go a long way.

Check out for more information, or contact us for some advice about how to keep your property safe.

You can download the latest Norbury crime figures here.

Upcoming Events:

Street Briefing – Kilmartin Avenue j/w Ardfern Avenue, Norbury SW16 – Friday, February. 24th between 7pm – 8pm

Ward Panel Meeting – Norbury Police Office 1342-1344 London Road, Norbury SW16 – Please contact a member of the team for more info.

Property marking (Tools, phones, bicycles – whatever you’d like!) & Crime Prevention Advice – Norbury Library, Beatrice Avenue SW16 – Friday, March 3rd 2017 between 1000- 1200 hours.

Cuppa’ with a Copper – Costa Coffee, London Road, Norbury SW16 – Wednesday, March. 1st 2017 between 1030 – 1115 hours