Norbury Police Update: 3 March 2017

Theft from motor vehicle offences are still featuring heavily and are often an extremely difficult crime to successfully investigate due to lack of any suspect descriptions, usual lack of/ or poor quality CCTV footage, the large time frame involved until the offence is discovered, and lack of any suitable forensic opportunities. The best deterrent is prevention.

Please make sure you are locking your cars/ closing windows even if only away from your vehicle for a brief period of time, and try not to leave any of your valuables/ handbags & rucksacks visible within the vehicle. If you would like more crime prevention advice, please check the Metropolitan Police’s website or contact a member of your local team.

There was an incident at Norbury Train Station at the end of last week which involved a large policing presence; Thankfully no one was injured and it transpired that it was an argument that had started on a train travelling down from London; British Transport Police are conducting an investigation & a male has been identified in relation to the offence but I just wanted to allay any of your fears & hopefully stop any speculation before it begun.

We have also arrested a male who was found in possession of two crowbars & a chisel who we also suspect has been involved in a number of theft offences in our ward; His details have been forwarded onto our partnership services which will hopefully conclude with a positive result.

The latest Norbury crime figures can be downloaded here.