SERA Committee Meeting Postponed

Unfortunately the meeting planned for Wed 22 November 2017 has been postponed and will be re-arranged to take place within the next couple of weeks.  Further details will appear here shortly.


SERA Committee Meeting

The next meeting takes place on Wednesday 22 November – 7.30pm at Norbury Park Lawn Tennis Club, 55 Ederline Avenue.

A draft agenda can be downloaded here.

SERA members are welcome to attend but please let us know in advance by emailing our Membership Secretary, Winston Stewart.

SERA Coffee Morning

We are holding another of our popular tea and coffee mornings on Wednesday 23rd August.  The event takes place at St.Stephen’s Church Hall, 9 Warwick Road, CR7 7NH at 10-30 – 12.30.  Map here. Entrance is free with a small charge for drinks and the delicious home-made cake.  Members and non-members welcome.

Come along and get to know your neighbours.

Committee Meeting

There will be a SERA Committee Meeting on Wednesday 19 July at 7.30pm.

It is taking place at Norbury Park Lawn Tennis Club, 55a Ederline Avenue, Norbury.

If you’d like to attend, please email

Norbury Police Update: w/c 24 March

Police issued a ticket for public order in Norbury Park after coming across a man urinating in the park. Police say they are dealing with these offences when they are able to and the man in question can now expect a £90 fine for his actions. A penalty notice has also been issued for cannabis possession to a man police came across whilst on foot patrol.

Police also issued a caution to a man found in possession of Class A drugs at the start of the year.

As the warmer weather has started to come back, police are seeing that more car windows are being left open, which makes cars an easy target for a thief looking for a quick money maker.

You can download the latest crime figures here.

Norbury Police Update: 3 March 2017

Theft from motor vehicle offences are still featuring heavily and are often an extremely difficult crime to successfully investigate due to lack of any suspect descriptions, usual lack of/ or poor quality CCTV footage, the large time frame involved until the offence is discovered, and lack of any suitable forensic opportunities. The best deterrent is prevention.

Please make sure you are locking your cars/ closing windows even if only away from your vehicle for a brief period of time, and try not to leave any of your valuables/ handbags & rucksacks visible within the vehicle. If you would like more crime prevention advice, please check the Metropolitan Police’s website or contact a member of your local team.

There was an incident at Norbury Train Station at the end of last week which involved a large policing presence; Thankfully no one was injured and it transpired that it was an argument that had started on a train travelling down from London; British Transport Police are conducting an investigation & a male has been identified in relation to the offence but I just wanted to allay any of your fears & hopefully stop any speculation before it begun.

We have also arrested a male who was found in possession of two crowbars & a chisel who we also suspect has been involved in a number of theft offences in our ward; His details have been forwarded onto our partnership services which will hopefully conclude with a positive result.

The latest Norbury crime figures can be downloaded here.

Norbury Police Update

Update from Norbury Police:

We are still experiencing a number of theft offences around the ward. Please contact a member of the team on for crime prevention advice about how to reduce the risks of you becoming a victim of crime. There are a number of easy to follow practices that will cost you next to nothing and that will go a long way to making your property less of a target.

A large quantity of stolen property is recovered by the police each year that we have no realistic chance of reuniting with their owners – Just think, if your iPad was stolen, how would it be differentiated from the thousands of others sold in the UK each year? Those power tools you rely on to feed your families… if that was stolen, how would anyone know it’s yours?

We are planning a number of property marking events in the coming months, but it is easily something you can do at home as well – something as simple as making a note of serial numbers & IMEI numbers for electrical goods, or marking tools with a permanent marker will go a long way.

Check out for more information, or contact us for some advice about how to keep your property safe.

You can download the latest Norbury crime figures here.

Upcoming Events:

Street Briefing – Kilmartin Avenue j/w Ardfern Avenue, Norbury SW16 – Friday, February. 24th between 7pm – 8pm

Ward Panel Meeting – Norbury Police Office 1342-1344 London Road, Norbury SW16 – Please contact a member of the team for more info.

Property marking (Tools, phones, bicycles – whatever you’d like!) & Crime Prevention Advice – Norbury Library, Beatrice Avenue SW16 – Friday, March 3rd 2017 between 1000- 1200 hours.

Cuppa’ with a Copper – Costa Coffee, London Road, Norbury SW16 – Wednesday, March. 1st 2017 between 1030 – 1115 hours

Clean-Up Norbury

Following on from the success of November’s clean up day, Love Norbury are already planning the next one. It will take place on 11 March 2017.

Do come along and get stuck in with helping keep Norbury tidy. The more volunteers, the more will get done.


Norbury Crime Update

There has been a number of theft from motor vehicle and theft of motor vehicles incidents. This is of a concern to the Norbury Police team and they are actively working to lower the number of offences through a number of methods. However, they can not stress enough the importance of target hardening. They are still seeing numerous insecure vehicles across the ward on their patrols, which are a target for criminals. Norbury Police are offering crime prevention advice for vehicles both via visits and via email so if you would like any assistance then please do contact the Norbury Police team at

Police are also holding a number of meetings in relation to the card thefts from ATM’s, the first of two will be held this month with those in the area receiving leaflets soon.

Croydon borough will now be going live with the use of body worn video – officers will be issued body worn cameras soon which will be used to capture incidents and to aid both officers and members of the public.

You can download the latest crime figures for Norbury here.